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Communication overview: a summer checklist

Summer is upon us, and before packing suitcases and turning off computers, it can be a smart idea to quickly go over our communication plan and check that we have communicated what we needed to communicate and to make sure that our physical absence don't reflect poorly on our social media presence and other communication channels. Start here:

  1. Inform: Check if you have informed your audience and customers of any interruptions in your services, product delivering or availability due to the summer break. If you have a physical shop and you are closing down during the summer, make sure to communicate it in your social media channels, in person and through your newsletter (if you have any)

  2. Refer: Remind your audience and customers of where they can find information regarding FAQ or relevant resources - provide them with value while you are away while you keep your website's traffic going

  3. Schedule: If you can, it would be ideal to leave a few scheduled posts in your website, blog or social media. You can also schedule a newsletter with upcoming projects, products or news, so that your audience has something to look forward to.

Have a great summer!

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