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Hooked: Grab your audience's attention

Do you want more downloads of your reports? Videos with more views? More visitors to your blog or website? Provide a sample of your content – a hook that can catch your audience’s attention and awaken their interest in your content, services or products.

A hook can…

· offer new information.

· be surprising or intriguing.

· showcase a benefit or a solution.

Here are some tips to create great hooks:

1. Make them visual

Visual content is more eye-catching and faster to process than plain text, so if you have data, make it into a graph or infographic. If you have a relevant quote, add a picture or an icon to it to make it more interesting to the eye.

2. Use questions

If you are providing new o little known information, use a question to unveil it. This could be enough to catch your audience’s attention.

Examples of great questions:

- Did you know...?

- Have you ever..?

- What would you say if you could...?

3. Make them relevant

If you have a large report or research paper you wish your audience to read, choose the most interesting fact, number or stat from it as your hook and present it in relation to the context you are in. Check for industry news or updates that you can link with your content, as this can bring more novelty and relevance to it.

4. Be honest

Nobody enjoys click-bait content. Earn your audience’s trust by always providing hooks that are interesting AND true – this will reflect positively on your brand’s image.


Do you need help planning and delivering attention-grabbing content for your audience? Drop me a line at

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