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How to create a killer social media strategy

First things first - What is social media marketing and who can use it?

Social media marketing uses a variety of social media channels to promote a brand, product or service. It is usually implemented by big brands and corporations, but it works for any type of business - even if you are self-employed and have a small operation.

What can social media marketing help you with?

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Build engaged communities

  • Improve or boost sales of products and services

  • Measure customer satisfaction

  • Provide customer service on social media platforms

  • Advertise products and services to target audiences

  • Track your performance

What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy outlines your social media goals, the tools and tactics you will use to achieve them and the metrics you can use to measure your progress.

Create a killer a social media marketing strategy in 6 easy steps

1. Choose the right goals:

Your social media should align to your business goals – so consider the direction you want to move towards with your social media strategy. Are you looking to expand your business, introduce new products to your existing customer base or reach a different demographic? Having clear goals will help you plan your social media content and prioritize your key messages.

2. Learn as much as possible about your audience

Whether you are targeting your current audience or a new potential segment, do some research regarding who you are communicating with. Knowing them an their preferences can help you choose the right channels to reach them and the correct formats to use in your content.

3. Get to know your competition

As a reference point, check what your competitors and businesses in your industry are doing in their social media channels. It is not about replicating the same formula they use, but rather having a reference to make some decisions – after all, they are probably targeting a similar audience, so the response to their content can be a great indicator to follow.

4. Do a social media audit and decide on your channels

You don’t need to be on all social media channels – but you should have a social media presence in those that matter the most for your audience. Evaluate the resources you have and decide on the platforms you want to use to promote your business or brand. If you already have gone through this step, take some extra time optimizing your profile information and business description. Is everything up to date and is information easily accessible?

5. Set a list of resources

Based on the type of formats, channels and audiences you want to reach, set up a list of resources and people you want to involve in your strategy. Having active social media channels is not an easy task, so the more you can automatize and streamline the process, the better. Collaborating with your team or an seeking external help can save you tons of time and keep you motivated.

6. Create a social media content calendar

Planning is key – also in social media. Start by drafting your content pillars – for example, content that promotes your services or products, content that entertains and content that provides information. From there, try to schedule your social media posts, so you can save some time while keeping your channels up to date.

You could also stick to a very specific type of content depending on the day of the week, as well. For example, Mondays you can follow the trend of #mondaymotivation – posting inspirational quotes, uplifting texts or good news from your business. Just make sure that all your content is aligned with your brand personality and that it matches what your company stands for.

7. Track performance and adjust your strategy accordingly

Regularly audit your social media strategy results: focus on engagement, following, reach and the demographics reached to see if your strategy is working as intended. By having a clear overview over the most relevant data, you can adjust and make the necessary changes in your strategy to ensure that you reach your goals.

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