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The stories that make brands

A great story is a door, and a great storyteller is the key that opens it. A captivating story brings a business to life, from anonymous to recognized, and from generic to unforgettable. No two brands are the same, and you can show your uniqueness as a brand by telling your brand stories. Notice that I say that in plural, because as your business grows, you’ll have more stories to tell – and you’ll get the chance to tell them to bigger, eager audiences.

So how do you find your brand stories? Here is some inspiration:

1. Look within: Retell your company’s story (add anecdotes about how it all started, show milestones achieved...) but also the stories of those who have been in this journey with you. Interview your employees, board members, customers and founders to discover their perspectives. How has their journey been? What do they love about your brand?

2. Seek outside: Help tell stories from other people or companies – stories that align with your core values or causes you support. A great example of telling others’ stories whilst telling your own is the Toyota’s “Start your impossible” campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Check it out here:

3. Present and future: Focus on telling stories that are relevant today -How have you adapted to remote working? What has the pandemic taught you about flexibility, growth and collaboration? How do you see your role in a specific industry? You can also tell stories about what your company hopes to accomplish in the future: What goals are you working on? How will your company adapt to future challenges and how will it take advantage of new opportunities?

Final note: Choose the right format and channels: Stories are versatile. They can be filmed, narrated, written, drawn or animated. Feel free to explore different formats and choose the ones that adapt to your goals, budget and resources. You can combine different formats and display them in different channels, and create series that your audience can follow.

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