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Visual trends to get inspired in 2021 - Part II

Find part I of this compendium here.

Here are some of the visual trends in graphic design and visual communication that I see conquering the industry in 2021. Find your favourite one!

1. Data visualization

Data visualization has been extremely popular in 2020, especially when transmitting complex information to large audiences – the pandemic made easy-to-grasp, engaging data visualization a necessity for press & other popular sources of information. 2021 will not be an exception, and designs will be even simpler and more visually appealing than before. Data visualization has proven to be a powerful resource that responds to the need of “snackable”, easy to digest information popular in social media.

Source: Visual capitalist

Designer: Aneley Lampugnani

Designer: Till Noon

2. Minimalism

Minimalism has conquered every aspect of our modern life, and we have seen multitude of new trends related to decluttering our homes, detoxing our bodies, and simplifying our everyday. In 2021, this trend continues to influence design, increasing the popularity of linear logos, minimalist websites and the use of simple typography.

Designer: Cassandra Design

Designer: Sayan Mondal

Designer: Valeriya Grishaeva

3. Lines & simple geometric shapes

2019 saw a visual shift towards abstract, flowing shapes. This trend conveyed an “airy” feel that worked brilliantly for specific brands, particularly those conveying relaxation, fun and informality. But it didn’t adapt to brands with traditional values or a more technological profile.

That’s why 2021 will be embracing geometric shapes, which are easy to combine and more universal but that can still convey “fun” with the right use of textures and color palettes.

Designer: Ceci Elrich

Designer: Laura Zavaleta

Designer: Ona Communication

Designer: Renan Vizzotto / Robert Ashom


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