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4 Reasons why your business should blog in 2021

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

If you are a company with limited resources or a small communication team, you probably aren’t considering blogging as a priority in your communication strategy plan. However, statistics show that, if done correctly, blogging can significantly increase traffic to your website, enhance how customers perceive you and increase SEO performance, among others.

Here are some statistics that might make you change your mind if you don’t blog yet:

  • 6 out of 10 buyers use blog posts at the start of their purchase journey and 60% decide to purchase after reading one post

  • 77% of internet users read blogs

  • Adding a blog to your existing website can increase traffic as much as 434%

The 4 main reasons to blog as a business

1) Get new content ideas for Some

Having a plan for your blog provides your business with original and relevant content that you can then adapt to your other Social Media channels – in addition, blog posts drive traffic back to your website.

2) Increase your credibility and reputation

Keeping a blog and doing research for your posts can help you learn more about your industry, but it can also position you as a credible source of information. You can show your stand on social issues, start debates or even have a platform to showcase your brand values and in-house talent and expertise.

3) Skyrocket your SEO performance

Having consistent, quality content on your website helps improve your SEO performance. By using keywords and tags your site becomes more visible to people who are searching for them on Google. Remember to write about relevant topics that might interest your target audience, and always tag your blog post with keywords that are closely related to the themes you work with.

4) Strengthen brand loyalty and build new relations

Your blog posts might attract your target audience and people who already know your company and show them new sides of your brand, strengthening your relationship and maintaining a positive image in their eyes. But it can also make you visible to audiences that haven’t been reached through your other channels. With new readers come new audiences – some of your new readers might become new customers.


Do you need help setting your blog or coming up with content for your corporative blog? Take contact for an informal chat with me!

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